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Ana Prata is an Interior Design, having taken several courses in Brazil and abroad. It makes the identification designer a unique service point, helping customers to not only renovate or build the house, baby and kids room or office of their dreams, but find the ideal place for it.

His vast experience brings a unique perspective and cutting-edge ideas to his clients, reflecting the latest trends in interior design in the Americas.

After the need to find the decoration and furniture project of her dreams for her daughter Florence’s room, the desire to work with high quality personalized products grew within her, where she awakened Ana Prata’s love of life for the art of decorating in all its forms, as it provides a unique identity to the projects and acts as proof of authenticity.

Helping people to fulfill their dreams of having that luxury room for their child, home, company or workplace, has become her passion since she was 25 years old, when she opened her first Florence Baby Store improving for Florence Home & Baby.

Ana Prata believes that, in addition to quality work, the secret to success is to work with passion and persist in what is believed.

For her, functionality, quality and comfort are essential elements of a good designer. From supermarkets to luxury cars, this must be the starting point and without it, life would be monochromatic: boring and uninteresting.

Interior Design


Florenca Home & Baby is a full-service catalog retail product sales company, including interior design, founded in 2013. The company’s founder and director, Ana Prata, has over 7 years of experience with an extensive national and international portfolio of residential, baby rooms, kids and commercial decoration projects, including the United States in the Florida region and the entire Brazilian territory.

The company creates a visual and illustrative presentation that is easy to understand, so that customers can fully understand, visualize and adopt project ideas.

So we work, together with designer Ana Prata, with online service, visits and coworking meetings.

The Customer contacts through the means offered by the company’s quick access website. According to the client’s interest, the commercial proposal for the development of the project is sent. After the approval of the decoration project, the project is completely personalized and exclusive, where samples and catalogs of furniture and ornaments from partner companies are offered.

A new, direct and functional way to have everything you want to transform your home or apartment, baby rooms and kids in a faster and more practical way. Within this philosophy, we offer creative and personalized solutions that meet your time, budget and style.

With a system of outsourced labor, the entire team of the company is handpicked and examined by Ana Prata, offering you to obtain total control of purchases, deliveries and installations in minimum time.

We are responsible for all activities, from the development of the concept to the complete final delivery of the project. We also offer a delivery concierge service, so you can literally feel at home from the first moment.


Download Catalog

Here you can download a catalog with some of my projects

How it works?



You send us the plant or we create it together with photos and description of the intentions of each environment.



We schedule a physical meeting to understand your style. Through images of references and inspirations, we will form the concept.



After understanding your desires, your style and your needs, we will present our proposal for each environment through a layout plan and the Mood Board (The mood board is a tool that helps to understand the personality of a project from images, videos, colors and shapes).



We offer our products in catalogs and samples from our partners, as well as leaving the customer free for their shopping choices. We accompany you to stores specializing in furniture, design, lamps, antique dealers, coatings and housewares. Includes 2 daily departures up to 5 hours.



We will schedule and monitor all deliveries, installations and assemblies.

What do you get?

• Presentation of the concept

• Floor plan in scale with layout and identification of each item.

• Mood Board with all suggested items for each room.

• Worksheet with specifications and values for all suggested items.

• Fabric samples, colors and finishes, if necessary.

• Monitoring the purchase of all specified items in physical or virtual stores.

• Receipt and monitoring of deliveries, installations and assembly.


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